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Formed by two cousins Jay & Montell, South East London Duo JY MNTL bring their delicious word play of hi grade hip hop, melodic R&B flow with a GRIMY TRAP vibe effortlessly amalgamated to solidifying their musical foundation, all with a genuine UK TWIST. A PROGRESSIVE SOUND EMERGES, which they aptly describe as R & T (Rhythm & Trap).

While being selected by the 02 to feature on their real music-new music campaign for the 02Music’s Youtube TV channel, the duo also worked with top producers, Sons of Sonix, Hitimpulse, Hypertone and have had DJ Target premiere their single as a Targo Embargo, JY MNTL have solidified their sound bringing their first project ‘R & T : THE MIXTAPE’ to the world with a global push as their USA appeal gathers pace alongside their already burgeoning UK fan base. The Mixtape is their first multi-track project, 10 flavours highlighting that their independency is an unfettered blessing and not a curse.

The self-sufficient duo do it all from recording their own vocals in their bedroom studio to editing their own music videos and artwork. They are the essence of getting the job done without any limitations, a now familiar by product of the Millennial era.

JY MNTL and R & T (Rhythm & Trap) are here to stay! These guys could be contenders for the UK Crown Prince’s of this exciting genre birthed in the UK yet contended on an international scale.

R & T (Rhythm & Trap) Drops 24/8/20 on all digital platforms

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